As you may be aware Vaping is becoming very common/popular with young people and it is seen as being ‘cool’ and helping them become part of a ‘tribe’ and being accepted. Many adults are also moving from smoking to vaping with the belief that it is ‘harmless’.

Vapes are readily available which increases the temptation to purchase them, and you have probably seen that vaping has been quite high profile in the news recently. 

New studies suggest that vaping is not has harmless as once thought. It is still early days when it come to research about the physical effects that vaping can course. However, from the studies it has found that vaping can cause changes in the cells of the body which could lead to significant damage and that vaping impacts on sleep quality. Nicotine has simulative properties which could result in poor sleep. 

As we know having significant impact on sleep quality can increase our stress levels leading to an increased likelihood of developing anxiety and poor mental health.  

Researchers examined how mindfulness can reduce the chances of a young person taking up vaping. 

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