Therapy for Children and Young People

If you are a parent or carer with a child/young person suffering with anxiety, stress or low mood, it is really hard to find help. The NHS children services are great but in most regions are overstretched with very long waiting lists, leaving parents desperate for help.

Most people will go down the traditional route of CBT or counselling, however most young people don’t know why they feel as they do or find it very hard open up and talk about the problem.

Solution Focused Therapy is an evidenced and outcome based approach and very often I work with young people who either don’t want to, or are unable to talk about the problem and I have no knowledge of what has brought them to me.

We focus on their desired outcome for example: to be more confident or have higher self-esteem.

Session help to give them an understanding of how their brain is working and what their part is in moving forward, with sessions being positive, interactive and relaxing. Each session is bespoke to your young person and they have the choice to how their sessions are run.

If your young person wants you present, that is absolutely fine, if fact I always keep in touch with parents/carers for feedback to progress.

As to  how many sessions and how often, it is very difficult to say, but we go session by session and usually have one or two weeks gap between sessions.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch and I would be happy to arrange a call.

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