Mental Health & Wellbeing Presentations in the Workplace

Employees are the greatest asset of any business and it is for this reason that their health and wellbeing should not be overlooked.  
Did you know that 15.2 million work days are lost because of mental health including anxiety and depression.

Mental Health and Wellbeing is high on the list of priorities for businesses as employers are taking the mental health of their staff much more seriously now than ever before. 

I work with businesses in different ways depending on the needs of the business and the needs of the employees, this can be a one off bespoke presentation, or working one-to-one with staff who may be struggling. 

My presentations are a little bit different as they inform and educate people to have an understanding of how powerful the mind can be and that it is possible to create change. 

All sessions are uplifting, interactive, empowering and informative, including education of the mind, strategies that can be implemented to cope better and how to best support others and they evoke conversations.

All session can be bespoke and I can tailor the information to your staff’s needs.

There are some examples below of some areas that I have been asked to cover:

  • Work based stress with strategies to cope better.
  • Out of work/personal stress which impacts all aspects of life and strategies to create change
  • Burnout-what it is and what can be done to avoid it
  • Effective ways to support others (friends, family, colleagues)
  • The importance and science of sleep in relation to stress & mental health
  • Ways to boost the positive chemicals in relation to our motivation/happiness and coping abilities
  • The importance of our Language to ourselves

Presentations can be from 60minutes and can be in person or online. 

To find out more and to create a package right for your organisation please call on 07891472187 or email or use the contact form.

Please see the review from the Company Director of a business I visit monthly.

“For the past 3 years or so Charlotte has been providing support  for our team on site and other than payday it’s the most looked forward to day of the month. The slots always get booked up really quickly (even oversubscribed lately) and it has really benefited both the staff and the business.

The team feel valued and refreshed on the day which has a knock on benefit to the business and our week in week out performance. It’s one of the things that has helped us achieve Top 100 Company status for the last 2 years.

Charlotte is always very approachable, friendly and professional and team look forward to seeing her each month. We’d recommend you for any business looking to start something similar.”

Employee Review

“Charlotte is extremely friendly and the sessions provided in the workplace takes the weight off our shoulders and leaves us energised and refreshed to continue with our day. Extremely appreciative of our company to offer this support as it makes us feel appreciated”

Company Benefits:
Positive behavioural change
Improved health and motivation
Proven increased positivity and mental wellbeing
Boost overall company morale and wellness
Employee engagement
Work performance increased
Improved staff retention and career progression
Happier staff and more willing to give more to their job role
Publicity of the business increased by word of mouth their staff
Visible daily reminder of the focus on staff welfare
Staff that feel happier, valued and supported

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