Talking Therapy for COUPLES

Talking Therapy for COUPLES. (SFBT)   


COVID-19 has tested us and put excessive stress/strain on our relationships and any negative feelings are likely to be amplified. I have seen the effect COVID has had on our mental health and even the very strongest of partnerships are likely to be tested at times like these. During times of government restrictions, couples will be spending a lot more time in the home together, which for some is not an ideal situation.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a talking therapy that is an evidenced and outcome based approach focusing on your strengths to bring about significant positive changes, helping to identify, create, and live the kind of life you both have been longing for.

What makes Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) stand apart for couples work?

SFBT is an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy and we focus in the direction that you both would like to pursue. Rather than asking questions about the problem, we use Solution Focused questions to develop in detail your desired outcome.

For many people, it is more important to find solutions than it is to analyse the problem in great detail.

The word “brief” in Solution Focused Brief Therapy is the key. Just because the problem may be big or has been present for a long time, doesn’t mean that the solution is going to take a long time. Most couples will see me fortnightly or three weekly and have on average 1-4 sessions, thus saving you both time and money!

With SFBT we strive to find and implement a solution as soon as possible to minimise time spent in therapy and the time spent struggling or suffering.

Unlike traditional problem-driven approaches Solution Focused Therapy helps couples recognise their internal resources, identify personal strengths and build on what is already working for them.

Please do contact me where I can answer any questions and we can book a convenient time to start working together to help you both reach your desired outcome.

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