Talking Therapy (Solution Focused Brief Therapy-SFBT)

Traditional therapy has historically been problem-focused. It has analysed a person’s problems from where they started and how those problems have an effect on that person’s life. However, with the Talking Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) it is an evidence based approach, short term, goal orientated, with the focus on client strengths, and life without the problem.

SFBT works toward changing a client’s view to bring about significant positive change by concentrating on a preferred future rather than a problematic past and by focusing on resources rather than deficits. SFBT has proved effective with children, young people and adults and is the only talking therapy used by the NSPCC and has been since 2011.

If you have a problem or issue that you would like to address or talk around in a session, that is absolutely fine. Solution Focused doesn’t mean we are problem phobic! My role is to ask questions, which will help you identify your strengths and resources to help you overcome the problem.

SFBT is based on the concept that just because a problem is complicated, doesn’t mean its solution needs to be and involves a very different kind of thinking and talking – outside of the facts of the problem. It is a strength-based and predominantly future-focused, making it ideal for situations requiring rapid engagement and co-operation, often with only having a small number of sessions.

A consultation is not necessary and we can get straight to work in the first session. If you would like me to help, please do contact me.


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