Weight Management & Wellbeing A Mindset Approach

Are YOU looking for something different?

A Mindset Approach to Weight Management and Wellbeing

*Have you tried diets before but keep putting the pounds back on?*

*Do you find that you keep losing the battle with your willpower?*


*Are you just NOT in the right MINDSET?*

 Then this is just for YOU!

Try this fantastic approach that will help YOU make the right choices, remove the guilt and have a better
relationship with food.

NEW to 2023- Workshops at Home!                                                                                                   Create your own group with friends, family or colleagues in the comfort of your own home. One price only! The more friends you have the cheaper the workshop, with all the additional benefits.

  • FREE motivational download to keep
  • FREE workshop educational notes
  • FREE ongoing support
  • WhatsApp group for motivation
  •  Learn how and why your eating habits have become hard-wired and how you can change them – from day one!
     No weigh-ins, no prescribed diet. This is NOT about food, calories or will-power
     Enjoy calming, motivational and a relaxing download/sound track – yours to keep!
     A friendly, informative, educational and inspiring 1-1 workshop at a time to suit you
     On-going help and support

Why not book 1-1 online or face to face at a time to suit you and change your MINDSET to Weight loss?

The Workshops have been  FULLY BOOKED since September 2018!!

For more details, dates available and to confirm your place

Tel: 07891 472187 or complete the ‘Contact me’ page on the website.


Client Reviews Weight Loss Workshops:

Charlotte, I want to thank you for a fantastic service and for helping me lose A STONE in three weeks!!! I cannot believe it! You have switched off my ‘Sod it’ button in my brain. I have a completely different approach to food. I am not hungry and I can not dieting. What you do is incredible, Thank you. Lynn

“Charlotte’s approach is fantastic, the sessions are relaxed, friendly and really interesting. I have certainly developed a real insight to my own eating habits and with Charlotte’s help developed strategies to form healthier ones.

I have been genuinely surprised by how effortless the approach is in developing new attitudes towards food. I have become really aware of what I am eating and why, allowing me to feel good about making different choices, rather than feel I am denying myself treats. Amazingly, there really is no will power required.

I have lost more weight during the three weeks of focusing on this approach than through previous dieting. Most importantly, I have been empowered to create new healthy eating habits for the future rather than yo-yo on the latest fad diet.”

“After years of battling with various ways to lose weight I decided to try Weight Loss a Mindset Approach with the fabulous Charlotte. Well I’ve never felt so motivated and positive in my life!! Not only has the course taught me about the reasons behind certain behaviours and patterns but how to change them. I feel fantastic and know that this has been life changing. Weight Loss can be such a scary and daunting topic however Charlotte is so lovely and knowledgeable you are instantly at ease with her. I’m noticing a difference every day and can’t thank Charlotte enough for her help, commitment and passion. Definitely give Charlotte a try if you’re struggling like I was I promise it will be the best thing you’ve ever done, the question is do you want it enough?” Lauren-Newton Abbot

“Week 8 and got my size 14 jeans on easily….you genius!” Gen Torquay

“I attended the Weight Loss Workshop feeling pretty much rock bottom about having gained so much weight again. Having spent so much of my adult life unhappy with my weight I felt enough was enough and it was time for a permanent change. I have dieted and not had the strength to stick to it and spent hundreds on gyms and exercise classes which I never stuck to. I really enjoyed the first group session, it was fascinating to listen to the reasons behind the reasons why I behaved  the way I do with eating etc. I started to see the difference quite quickly . I felt energized and actually refreshed when I woke up which gave me a real boost to my day to day life. A month after the classes started I am wearing jeans that I couldn’t even fasten.  My family have commented on my positivity and the most noticeable change is that I can now look at things that I couldn’t have stopped myself eating and I honestly just don’t fancy it! I find myself making sensible decisions that I would never have thought of before. I’ve even been out for a meal with friends and not thought twice about only having one course when they all had two. Listening to the download each night is now part of my day. I enjoy my new positive and energized me and want to stay that way. Thank you. Sheridan Torquay


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