Calm Pregnancy and Childbirth Workshops

Positive, Relaxing and Empowering

Face to Face and ONLINE Workshop 1-1 sessions by Charlotte King, an experienced and qualified Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing instructor.

The workshops consist of x4 weekly sessions and you will learn:

  • The fantastic benefits of Hypnobirthing for Mum, Partner and Baby
  • About the brain and how to keep anxiety low
  • The role of positivity and the chemical response
  • About the physiology & neurology of pain
  • Self hypnosis technique to practice at home
  • How your birth partner can support you

Each session will include informative information, discussions and of course lovely deep relaxation where you will techniques to put you in control of your birth and bring about positive changes in your life for you and your baby.

Hypnobirthing also:

Gives a more relaxed and comfortable birth
Gives you the control
Reduces the risk of Post-natal depression
Reduces anxiety/stress
Helps cope with childbirth
Boosts confidence
A calm parent will create a happy baby and a calm baby makes for a happy parent.

Please contact me for the next available classes, time and location.

“A big thank you to Charlotte for all her support in the run up to the birth of our daughter Rosie. I had 1-2-1 support with Charlotte which included visualisations, breathing exercises and downloadable MP3’s which I listened to both at home and during the early stages of labour.

Charlotte enabled me to have the best birth which I was able to achieve through a pool birth and a little gas and air. The calming atmosphere, breathing techniques and visualising the birth I wanted, helped me to deliver Rosie naturally, calmly and without causing stress to her or myself. I would recommend her to others seeking to bring their baby into the world in a calm and natural way.”

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