Therapy for Children and Young People

Did you know that the NSPCC use Solution Focused Therapy as their preferred therapy with children?

I am very proud to have been recognised in my working with Children and Young people by being awarded:

Best Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Therapist in Devon 2022 by The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2022

Having worked in Education for over 20 years and having three children myself, I am confident and experienced in working with children and young people and I have found that young people really enjoy the sessions and look forward to coming to see me.

I specialise in treating children and teenagers and I am seeing more and more young people suffering with mental health such as anxiety, stress, overwhelm and low mood. COVID-19 has really exasperated mental health in young people and have been, and I still am, getting many enquiries from parents regarding school refusal. Getting early help is key but equally important is your child/young person wanting help and to make changes. 

It is really hard for parents too and I have in the past done weekly Facebook ‘Lives’ with tips and advice for parents and you will find the recordings of the ‘lives’ on my page for you to access and I do hope you find them helpful.

I have had so many parents contact me for help not only for their children, but for themselves too, as parents are finding it really tough and there is little or no support out there for you.

I do hold Online Events where parents/carers can join me live and learn about how the mind works in relation to how your child/young person is feeling/behaving and where I give you some strategies to help you, which in turn will help your child.

The events will be educational and allow you to connect with other parents where you can gain more tips and ideas and allow for discussion.

I limit numbers because I want you to feel heard and be able to ask me any questions. These events are up to 90minutes and will be on a Monday at 6pm-7.30pm.

The cost is just £15 and for 2024 dates please contact me or check out my Facebook page.


So, What is Solution Focused Therapy and how does it differ from traditional therapy?

With Solution Focused Therapy we are not problem phobic therefore your child/young person will always have the opportunity to talk about the reasons that have brought them to seek help, or problems/issues that may arise throughout their journey, however, not all children or young people will know how, or why, they feel as they do or want to talk about the problem.

I am sure you are aware, that when asking a child or young person ‘why‘ they feel that way, their answer is mostly ‘I don’t know‘ ….and most often they really don’t know! This is not a problem at all as we will explore their best hopes for attending sessions to get an outcome to begin to work towards. Just to reassure you that every client of any age does get the opportunity to talk about an issue or problem if they would like to and find it helpful.

Solution Focused Therapy is an evidenced based and client centered approach that focuses on clients strengths and resources. Just because the problem may be big or has been present for a long time, doesn’t necessarily mean they they will be  in therapy for a long time, in fact, very often, quite the reverse! With Solution Focused Therapy there will be less sessions and with a bigger time gap between session, thus saving you your precious time, and money!

I use a combination of Psychotherapy (education of the brain-age appropriate), Solution Focused Questions and Deep Relaxation-Trance, with each session being tailored to each individual. As I am sure you are aware, when working with children or young people, even with the best planning can go out the window and fortunately with my background in teaching I am adaptable to make the session applicable to whatever they may present at the time of the session. In fact, that is what I love about working with children, each session is completely authentic.

Early help for mental health is essential for children and young people and if you are at the point of just not knowing which way to turn, or where to get help, or are on a long waiting list with the very over stretched NHS, please do contact me, where we can arrange a time to have a chat to see how I could help.

I have included below a few reviews I have just been sent by kind parents.

 Parent review (Mum) 

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for the support she has given my teenage son. The trauma he experienced when he was younger has been laid to rest using Charlotte’s ‘Rewind technique’. He’s found the social aspect of life at school hard for many years but with Charlotte’s help he has started to see things differently and gradually built his confidence and self-esteem so he’s finally starting to see himself as the awesome young man we know he is. From the very beginning she really seemed to ‘get’ him. Only wish we’d heard about Charlotte sooner! She’s wonderful.  

Son Review 

I really appreciate Charlotte not only helping me with difficult experiences in my past, but also helping me become more confident in myself and be happier day to day even when things are difficult. She made the sessions easy because she was easy to talk to and I felt like she understood everything I was saying which no one before had really been able to do. Thank you 


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