Questions… Questions… Questions

I find that many people have questions about hypnotherapy and how the sessions run, and I wanted this blog to hopefully answer some of them for you but if I have missed something out that you would like to ask, please do contact me and I will always be happy to answer.

So… what is Solution Focused hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of two therapies, a modern talking therapy-Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Hypnotherapy which has proved to be quick working, relaxing and positive. This therapy was discovered by David Newton, one of the worlds most highly reputable hypnotherapists who has gone on to be the director and senior course lecturer at the prestige Clifton Practice in Bristol.

The term “Solution-Focused” is really becoming word of the moment and many companies are now implementing Solution Focused strategies rather than problem focused.

Many talking therapies are problem focused, asking clients to re-live experiences and unpicking the issue they came in with and this can cause more challenges. These types of therapies can be very effective as with all therapies, but it is important to find one that suit you best.

Another way of looking at it is if you had a bad back and lots of people will recommend a treatment that worked for them, for example, a Chiropractor, Physio or an Osteopath. All the treatments are great but it is getting one that is right for YOU.

By the time many of my clients contact me they have tried other therapies and/or have been to their GP and by the time they look into Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy they are feeling talked out and fed up with re-living their past experiences that can make them feel anxious, depressed or angry. They want to move forward in their lives…thus Solution Focused Therapy, concentrating on how you feel right now (the present) and how you would like to feel/be and what your best hope are for the future.

What if I want to talk about the problem?

We are very client led and do give you time to talk, however, we will limit this and then facilitate you to moving towards a preferred future encouraging you by using Solution Focused Questions to come up with your own solutions and positive coping strategies. We will also help you in identifying any exceptions and what life would look like to you if the problem was no longer there.

What can Clinical Solution Focus Hypnotherapy help me with?

 It can help with many very different problems such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Panic attacks, Low confidence and self-esteem, weight management, Post-natal depression, Grief, giving up smoking, Fears and phobia and so much more..

In fact if you have a problem that you feel you just haven’t ‘dealt’ with and can get over or feel that you just want to get back to the real you, then Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may just be what you are looking for.

What happens in a typical session?

Following an initial consultation where we will gather information and give a good  explanation of how your brain is working in relation to how you feel, sessions usually run with the client being asked to identify what has been good and how they coped/solved in the previous week. This sounds fairly easy but if you are suffering it can be quite a challenge, but with practice, help and guidance it can be enormously powerful in improving someone’s mood.

We will then remind you of how the brain is working, referencing parts from the initial consultation. We will not tell you what you should or should not do on the basis that you are the expert on you and only you will know what is best.

Next we will identify what small step can be taken to work towards the preferred future and when is a good time to be able to do this.

Finally it is the couch work, where the client will get to lie down and enjoy a wonderful relaxation session of guided imagery and direct and indirect language to induce that lovely trace relaxation state. You will be reminded that you are always in control and you will always be able to hear everything around you. My clients just love the couch work and always want to just stay there longer!

If there is something I have missed for you would like to book an Initial Consultation, please do contact me and we can have an informal chat about how I can help you.

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