Communication-Two sides to every story?!

You may be surprised how much on average we really do retain and remember accurately, word for word in a conversation and in learning!

Immediately: 100%

After 20minutes: 58%

After 1hour: 44%

After 9hours: 36%

After 1 day: 33%

After 2 days: 28%

After 6 days:25%

After 31 days: 21%

So it is no wonder that we have different sides to the story!

A lot of what we remember is how we perceive the conversation.

The WORDS can be quite insignificant (only 10%!), as we take more notice of the TONE of voice (40%) and the most importantly the BODY LANGUAGE (50%)

So this is why we say ‘…..but that is what you meant!’ as we can’t EXACTLY remember the words therefore we go straight to the tone and body language to interpret what we perceive was said!

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